Blacksmithing As Art

I enjoy creative activity, especially when it results in a permanent, physical, useful object. Additionally I gain satisfaction from the ability to transform an object from its original intended use to another purpose.

Throughout the different phases in my life I have done this with different medium. Blacksmithing is my latest adventure. I am proud to carry on the tradition of Blacksmithing and add my artistry to its legacy.


Blacksmithing process

With the raw elements of Fire and Air the Blacksmith must translate the artistic idea from his mind to the steel, forcing the steel to yield to the shape he desires using only the brute force of hammer and anvil. 

Using only the five basic techniques employed in forging: drawing, shrinking, bending, upsetting, and punching the design emerges. Like a sculptor freeing the form from a rock, a Blacksmith releases the design from each piece of metal.

At Bent Iron Forge the goal is to produce unique, aesthetically pleasing pieces which have function. Many of the pieces are from recycled objects such as horseshoes or railroad spikes. Each piece is individually hand crafted, choosing quality over mass production.

I hope you enjoy my work - Lombano